• Lose 0.5-1.5kg/week.
    In 6 months, people lose 14-27 kg (hormone friendly)
  • Cement Lifelong Habits to keep the Weight off for Good. 
  • Enjoying Food Freedom, Boost Metabolism to 2000-3000+ calories/day

The best part is.. if you don't lose weight while feeling full, we don’t get paid,
completely performance based.

A study by the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) University found that it takes on average of about six month to form a new habit. 

24 Weeks For The Rest of Your Life.

What is Habits Blueprint?

Always the friend eating 900-1100 calories, pulling out with micro waved food?
Always the friend who went to the gym 5x a week (but didn’t look more in shape than your friends who didn’t work out at all)?
1️⃣ you most likely have been dieting for WAY too long, and it caused your hormones to be out of balance.

2️⃣ thought you’re in a calorie deficit when you aren’t. Even if you are eating a super low calorie diet, you may have slowed down your metabolism and messed up your hormones, which makes fat loss extremely hard.⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣

The formula above is what changed the game for thousands of clients and what you can implement yourself. 

Our approach is built on doing fundamentals well. No BS quick fix, overnight methods that are unsustainable. 

As you can see from above, 
even if you have the BEST PLAN (fitness, nutrition or anything else) you still won’t see results.

⁣⁣⁣⁣Instead of being on a diet that is destroying your hormones and metabolism for years on end, implement a multi-phase fat loss method that will allow you to build sustainable habits, and go from only eating 900-1100 calories per day to around 2000+ calories a day.⁣⁣
That means allowing yourself to take some breaks to live at maintenance. (This is way different than crash dieting, “falling off track”, and then crash dieting again.)⁣
Our team of expert coaches have spent the last few years putting together a programme based on scientific research and principles of behavioural science, so you can truly have long term weight loss, build sustainable habits , without spending hours at the gym or strict diets. Below is what you will experience in each phase.

  • Lose anywhere from 3kg - 6kg in 6 weeks in a hormone friendly way
  • Understanding the 3 Steps to Lasting Change  
  • Awareness of lifestyle choices you are making - foods you eat, movements, sleep, hydration, self talk etc. 
  •  At this point, you should have already completed the first phase of blueprint, and moving on to the second phase. 
  • Many Clients lose  30-50% of your Weight Loss Goal Here
  • The Power of Believes! Identifying Negative Self Talk and Exchanging them for Empowering Ones.
  • Dialling in your Habits and setting a true foundation for long term success. 
  • ​Learning about your macros and getting off the food list entirely. 
  • Congrats!! Closing in on your weight loss goal here Or Achieved It
  • The most exciting part of the whole programme is that you get go on a reverse diet, and actually EAT MORE FOODS here than when you first came in due to your increased metabolism. The average lady here can gradually load up to 2000+ calories here!
  • Habits you worked hard on to build on day 1 with us, gets easier and easier as time goes by. You have so much momentum its hard for you to stop doing them at this point!
  • Who you are, your lifestyle, and your believes all align to easily sustain your dream weight effortlessly
  • The Ultimate Food Freedom. You have learnt how to eat foods you love, while maintaining your dream weight. 
  • Here you will start to explore a Fitness goal with your coach (Endurance, Strength) 

What's included:

Coaching with Aabitat is a short term investment into your long term future. Here's what you can expect

  • Dedicated 1-1 personal coach will create a personalised roadmap that is easy to follow        
  • Personalised Fitness Plan: Exercises tailored to your fitness level and work schedule, allowing you the flexibility to perform them anytime, anywhere
  • ​​Improving Your Eating Habits: You'll be logging your meals in our acclaimed, custom-designed app, where our team monitors every detail for you so you don't have to.​​
  • ​Bi Weekly 1-1 Coaching Call: Review your progress, our team tracks everything to ensure you hit your goal!
  • ​Private members community
  • ​Guaranteed weight loss & lasting change

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